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My name is George Pickering and I co-founded RESPOND because I wanted an easy way to locate quality local merchants. It started when I moved into a new community and needed to find a good, local, quality pest control company. So I did what most of us do; I asked my friends and neighbors. It took about a week to identify someone I wanted to use and another week to get them lined up. There had to be a better way. That’s when I came up with the idea of combining the power of asking people you know with the efficiency and scope of the internet.

Using RESPOND, I can now search for local businesses recommended by other members. I then read the detailed reviews of these businesses written by RESPOND members. When I’m ready, I can even request more information, knowing that I will receive a professional and timely response.

RESPOND works because each member of the community – consumers, merchants, even RESPOND – have agreed to a Code of Conduct. This Code enables RESPOND to be a vibrant community of active members, determined to make the consumer experience as open, easy, informative and efficient as possible.

Our community needs and values your participation. Please join us.

George Pickering